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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mea Culpa: we did it too--dozens of references on All This Is That equating George Bush or the GOP to Brown Shirts, Stalin, The Ku Klux Klan, and Adolf Hitler

By Jack Brummet, Social Mores, Poetry, Painting, and Paranormal Editor
& Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor

A billboard created by an Iowa tea- bagger group compares President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin,  It is drawing heat from just about every political group and wing...even  from fellow tea party activists who find it offensive, a waste of money, or both.

The North Iowa Tea Party put up the billboard in downtown Mason City, IA last week. The sign shows photographs of (the actually fairly traditional) Democrat Obama,  the Nazi Hitler and Bolshevik/Communist Lenin labeled "Democratic Socialism," "National Socialism," and "Marxist Socialism."  Underneath the photos is the phrase, "Radical leaders prey on the fearful & naive."

The co-founder of the 200-person group said the billboard was intended to send an anti-socialist message. He later admitted yesterday that the message may have gotten lost...what with the references to Lenin and the Nazis.    Right.

Who are we to cast stones?  Neither of the authors of this article were particularly surprised to learn how many times their works on this site invoked Gulags, Nazis, the KGB, the Klan, Pol Pot, The National Front, and other hate and extremist groups. . .and almost every one of these references was directed to President George W. Bush, his minions, and policies.

We'll admit that we deplore the implications of the billboard.  Politically, however, we are utterly baffled why this has become a firestorm.  That's politics, pals. Neither of us find the billboard offensive.  This is just politics being played out.  McGovern took the same kinds of shots in his '72 Presidential run. 

Get over this Democrats...we have way bigger fights to fight.  Why we really can't throw stones in this case--a sample of our postings during the George Bush years:

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

President Barack Obama Is A Muslim?

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That Nati0nal Affairs Editor

This was interesting, and spooky.

If you read All This Is That regularly, you probably know I like a fight, and like to take on The President. He has made mistakes, and I find it good sport to call him out on them, although many of my left-wing/progressive brethren believe one should never be [publicly] critical of Barack Obama (although many of them merrily vilified and demonized BHO's predecessor). As irritated as I get with Barack Obama, and All The Presidents Men And Women, I know he is a decent, passionate, eloquent, and driven man who means right, and is usually, right. But, as the poet John Berryman once wrote:

Between what we see
And what we be
Is blinds.
Them blinds is on fire.

So today I received an email from Paul Jones. I was interested, initially, since I am half Jones...but believe me, you don't get far going down the Jones road...there's a couple million of them, and probably many more millions like me, with a large volume of Jones blood. OK, I've already digressed and redigressed.

Paul Jones wrote after somehow landing on this blog. And because I took some exception to something BHO did or said, he sensed a kindred spirit and sent along an old internet warhorse, proving that Barack Obama is a Muslim, and doesn't even have a birth certificate, or, at least, one he will show in public.

Really? I wondered if I need to become a mindless cheerleader for BHO. Is this what people think? Sorry, my cousin Paul Jones. I do not believe anything you passed along in your email. It has been often debunked as right-wing hokum. has a step by step refutation of every contention in this cheesy smear-piece.

It is really hard to fathom how these emails and hit pieces are still making the rounds. Or that millions of people still secretly and openly believe the charges of "The Birthers."

You've probably read this before:

"If you do not ever forward anything else, please forward this to all your contacts...this is very scary to think of what lies ahead of us here in our own United States...better heed this and pray about it and share it.

Who is Barack Obama?

Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black MUSLIM from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya and Ann Dunham, a white ATHEIST from Wichita, Kansas. Obama's parents met at the University of Hawaii.

When Obama was two years old, his parents divorced. His father returned to Kenya. His mother then married Lolo Soetoro, a RADICAL Muslim from Indonesia. When Obama was 6 years old, the family relocated to Indonesia. Obama attended a MUSLIM school in Jakarta. He also spent two years in a Catholic school.

Obama takes great care to conceal the fact that he is a Muslim. He is quick to point out that, "He was once a Muslim, but that he also attended Catholic school." Obama's political handlers are attempting to make it appear that he is not a radical.

Obama's introduction to Islam came via his father, and this influence was temporary at best. In reality, the senior Obama returned to Kenya soon after the divorce, and never again had any direct influence over his son's education.

Lolo Soetoro, the second husband of Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, introduced his stepson to Islam. Obama was enrolled in a Wahabi school in Jakarta. Wahabism is the RADICAL teaching that is followed by the Muslim terrorists who are now waging Jihad against the western world. Since it is politically expedient to be a CHRISTIAN when seeking major public office in the United States, Barack Hussein Obama has joined the United Church of Christ in an attempt to downplay his Muslim background. ALSO, keep in mind that when he was sworn into office he DID NOT use the Holy Bible, but instead the Koran.

Barack Hussein Obama will NOT recite the Pledge of Allegiance nor will he show any reverence for our flag. While others place their hands over their hearts, Obama turns his back to the flag and slouches.

Let us all remain alert concerning Obama's presidential candidacy.

The Muslims have said they plan on destroying the US from the inside out, what better way to start than at the highest level - through the President of the United States, one of their own!!!!

Barack Obama served as an Illinois state senator for several years, and in 2004 he won a seat representing that state in the U.S. Senate. His keynote address before the Democratic National Convention in June 2004 brought him national prominence, and he is currently one of the leading contenders for the nomination to represent the Democratic Party in the 2008 presidential election. He is a dangerous, camouflaged radical Muslim.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Point<---->Counterpoint - Obama v. Cheney, or, Crawl Back Into Your Coffin Dick Cheney!

Editorial By Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor (Saskatoon/Key Largo)
Illustrations by Jack Brummet, Arts Editor (Seattle)

President Barack Obama said yesterday that the U.S. Point--> "went off course" in fighting terrorism over the past eight years, and said his policies will "better protect" the country against al Qaeda.

And, moments later, across town, ex-Vice-President Dick Cheney crawled out of his coffin in broad daylight, transmogrified into a Republican Talking Points machine, and said Counterpoint--> that he supported the controversial policies "when they were made, and without hesitation would do so again in the same circumstances." "The point is not to look backward," Cheney said. "A lot rides on our President’s understanding of the security policies that preceded him. And whatever choices he makes concerning the defense of this country, those choices should not be based on slogans and campaign rhetoric, but on a truthful telling of history."

Point-->President Obama, in a major address at the National Archives, argued that waterboarding and other harsh interrogation methods "did not advance our war and counter-terrorism efforts – they undermined them."

Point--> The president then methodically tackled (actually, decimated) the chain of national-security decisions that have drawn criticism from the shrieking banshees political right. He called the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay an inherited "mess" that "has weakened American national security" by providing a rallying cry for enemies.

Point--> The President then turned to one of Republican's most ridiculous but potent and emotional arguments: "Let me begin by disposing of one argument as plainly as I can: we are not going to release anyone if it would endanger our national security, nor will we release detainees within the United States who endanger the American people."

Point--> Obama rejected calls for a "truth commission" (as if something confected by the republicans could possibly even have a whiff of truth) about the Bush administration's handling of the war on terror, saying he has "no interest in spending our time re-litigating the policies of the last eight years."

Mr. Ex-Vice-President, isn't it time you put a cork in it? I don't know who out there is clamoring to hear you emit wisdom other than say, Anne Coulter, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh.

In every poll since November 2008, the Republicans are rapidly losing ground--and, most importantly, voters--and while Dick Cheney may succeed in drawing support from the lunatic fringe of the party, in general he seems to be helping hammer a stake into the heart of the G.O.P. I'm all for that, but baffled why party functionaries (let's face it, it won't be Michael Stelle) have not yet found a way to muzzle the attack dog, before he drags the entire party of Lincoln into the gutter. On the other hand, keep it up Ex-Veep Cheney! At this rate, by the next election, the Republican Party will have roughly the stature and vote-getting ability of the libertarian, green, or communist parties.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

POTUS 44: President Obama portrait on day five

click to enlarge

President Barack Obama, still smiling on Day Five of the new administration. Godspeed, bro'.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Matt Drudge uses special Obama photo for Man Of The Year Flash

Drudge report: COOL: MAN OF THE YEAR!

The photo used by Time Magazine

When Time Magazine named Barack Obama their "2008 Person of the Year" subtitled "Why History Can't Wait," Matt Drudge was quick to report the news. Drudge used what can only charitable be called a less mainstream photo. However, I like it anyway. . .

Friday, November 21, 2008

Obama set to name Senator Hillary Clinton head of State Department

By Pablo Fanque,
All This Is That National Affairs Editor
on hiatus in Bucerias, Nayarit, Mexico

Paintings/sign by Jack Brummet

This could get very interesting. It already is. Both Obama and The Clintons each have three negotiators haggling over the Secretary of State cabinet position. How many other top slots in the history of America have ever involved six negotiators? I can tell you authoritatively. None. Ever.

Is this a harbinger of factionalism in the nascent Obama Administration? Bill Clinton has said he would do "whatever it takes" to open the way for Hillary to get the State Department nod. Whatever it takes includes forgoing many lucrative (to the tune of millions a year) speeches, disclosing major donors to the William J. Clinton Foundation, naming and forgoing many consulting clients, and in general, clearing most of his activities with the Administration. That is a heavy load for a guy that has done it his way for the last 16 years or so. It is interesting enough that he is being let out of the doghouse after his angry and often race-baiting performances on Hillary's road to the White House.

click fo enlarge

Future President Barack Obama is on track to nominate The Senator as secretary of state after Thanksgiving an aide to his transition disclosed Thursday.

It is utterly fascinating the way this has played out in the press, with leaks, and positioning on both sides. No Drama Obama is wrapped up in this fascinating minuet under the full glare of the press [1] and bloggers. She is a fascinating choice for SoS.

Once again, Obama has buried whatever malignant feelings he might have ever held toward her. He is an amazing pragmatist and practicioner of the forgive and forget school of politics.

Sure, many people believe he wants her on the inside, because as President Lyndon Johnson often said, "it's better to have them inside the tent pissing out than outside pissing in." While many Democrats and beltway insiders openly question whether Clinton is too independent and ambitious to be the effective Secretary of State we desperately need, it is clear that Obama values her intelligence, diligence, experience, and yes, even chutzpah and moxie.

Large numbers of other Democrats believe in her too. Recent polls indicate that Hillary Clinton would have beaten John McCain by greater margins than Obama. Of course, that doesn't take into account the fact that her political organization collapsed in the face of Obama's clearly superior one. Would they have been able to put aside their infighting long enough to beat McCain? We will never know.

Clinton's nomination appears to be nearly a fait accompli. It will be fascinating to see whether she can live with the high degree of discipline Obama requires from his underlings. And that also applies to the 300 pound gorilla, Bill Clinton, who will need to spend a lot of the next few years sitting on his hands.

[1] Maybe not the full glare, with all the layoffs and downsizing of news organizations, including the latest one today: AP is cutting 10% of its workforce. Nearly every other major news organization has recently announced broad and deep cuts. "I guess this internet thing may actually really take off, after all."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Good news/bad news: Feds break up Obama assassination plot

From Chris Matthew's Daily Hardball Briefing (which arrived a minute ago):

Breaking News - In the last hour we learned that federal agents have broken up a plot they say to assassinate Barack Obama and then go on a murder spree and kill about 100 African-Americans. We'll talk to NBC News Justice Department correspondent Pete Williams, who is covering that story tonight.

I haven't seen any other articles or posts on this yet, but The Hardball Briefing can be trusted.

Sad news, but good news that the plot is broken...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Video: Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, and Henry Winkler support Barack Obama

Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, and Henry Winkler got together to make a little call to action for Candidate's pretty funny and well-directed (I assume by Howard).


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Don't pop the cork yet — with two weeks to go Obama himself admits anything can happen.

click to enlarge

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

Some of my friends say I am too pessimistic about the Democrat chances of regaining the White House. I think I've been realistic. Senator Obama agreed and warned supporters that the election is not over yet!:

“Don’t underestimate our ability to screw it up,” said Barack Obama just last week.

1) The polls now show Barack Obama solidly in the lead, ranging from 14 points to 2 or 3, with a sweet spot somewhere in the middle, about 7 points in Obama's favor.

But: we have to remember that Hubert Horatio Humphrey was also well ahead weeks before the election. Harry Truman was at least 7 points behind Dewey until that election night surprise.
2) Obama is already speculating about his cabinet. including names like John Kerry, Chuck Hagel, a republican who may become the next defense secretary. Surely his foreign policy advisor Susan Rice will have a slot somewhere in the administration. Former NATO general Jim Jones may be on the list, and Republican Richard Lugar as well.

But: Obama has to tread a fine line here. How many Senators does he, or do we, really want in the cabinet? John Kerry, while loyal and capable, surely doesn't play well to the theme of change. And change will be important coming out of the gate January 21st. Obama will undoubtedly name at least a couple of Republicans to top posts.

George W. Bush brought in a handful of old veterans to his administration, and it did not work out well. Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Colin Powell were the "experienced" ones who would help the green President Bush.

3) Colin Powell finally came out today and said in public what many people already knew. He is endorsing Obama. He will no doubt remain a top advisor to Obama, but will probably not take a post in the administration. Iraq is still too much in the forefront, and his role in that is still in everyone's memory. This morning's endorsement by Powell, who was often mentioned as a possible VP candidate for McCain, feels like one of the last nails on the coffin, whether he is part of the Obama administration or not (and in any case he will be an important advisor, as he has been in the campaign).

But: There is Joe the Plumber Wurzelbacher out there making a lot of noise and being trumpeted by Sarah Palin. Actually, I think we all know Joe the Plumber is just a blip on the screen of the rapidly eroding, sometimes deranged "base."

4) Obama is on the offensive now, storming into, and doing well in, longstanding Republican strongholds like Virginia and scaring the beejesus out of the G.O.P.

But: he may not pick up many traditional stronghold states like Florida and Ohio. Fortunately, he may not need them because he's strong in the blue states and making inroads into several red states. The possibility still remains that this election will be an electoral college pile-on.

5) The economy looms over nearly every decision and every action in these last few weeks. Obama has a strong flank of economic advisors, including people like Warren Buffet and Paul Volcker. He has proffered a coherent economic plan and seriously knocked Senator McCain off whatever game he still had left.

But: Paul Volcker is 81, and Buffet is not a young man either. Buffet also owns chunks of several financial institutions now. It doesn't seem likely wither of them will be in an Obama cabinet. . .but there are plenty of highly qualified people waiting in the wings.

Obama will clearly come out of the gate strong on the economy. I think we know where he will get his advice. It's not so clear who the front men and women will be. McCain is making no headway on the economy, and has, in fact, lost support following the recent economic meltdown.


It's too early to celebrate or be cocky. Democrats need to stay focused the next 15 days. Obama has a strong game going into the last two weeks. The Promised Land lies just around the next corner.

It's now up to the voters to actually get to the polls, mail in their ballots, harangue their neighbors, send money to the campaign, and then get ready to celebrate for the first time since 1996.

The celebration may become even sweeter before it's all over. Just last week, an editorial in The Wall Street Journal last week warned of the distinct possibility of a “liberal super-majority” in the Senate (e.g., 60%). The Dems could end up with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, basically ensuring they can pass whatever they want, and get at least two left of center candidates onto the Supreme Court.

There is one (former) Democrat who may end up out in the cold after the election: the dwarf from Connecticut, Senator "Crazy" Joe Lieberman. If the 60 person supermajority does not need to include his votes, Joe Lieberman may well find himself handing out towels in the Senate Cloakroom.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The night of the last Presidential tilt and the Obama talking points email

This morning, the Obama campaign's Press Secretary, Sean Smith, e-mailed a list of debate talking points to the media.

It sounds more like news than the partisan diatribe you might expect!:

-------- Original Message --------
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 09:37:27 -0500
From: Sean Smith [s***]
To: Sean Smith [s***]

* This is John McCain's last chance to turn this race around and somehow convince the American people that his erratic response to this economic crisis doesn't disqualify him from being President.

* Just this weekend the weekend, John McCain vowed to "whip Obama's you-know-what" at the debate, and he's indicated that he'll be bringing up Bill Ayers to try to distract voters.

* So we know that Senator McCain will come ready to attack Barack Obama and bring his dishonorable campaign tactics to the debate stage.

Obama continues to lead on the economic crisis with a rescue plan for Main Street.

* Over the course of the campaign, Barack Obama has laid out a set of policies that will grow our middle class and strengthen our economy.

* But he knows we face an immediate economic emergency that requires urgent action - on top of the plans he's already laid out - to help workers and families and communities struggling right now.

* That's why Barack Obama is introducing a comprehensive four-part Rescue Plan for the Middle Class - to immediately to stabilize our financial system, provide relief to families and communities, and help struggling homeowners.

* This is a plan that can and should be implemented immediately.

* Obama has shown steady leadership during this crisis and offered concrete solutions to move the country forward - and his Rescue Plan for the Middle Class builds on the plans to strengthen the economy and rebuild the middle class that he's laid out over the course of this campaign.

* Already in this campaign, he's unveiled plans to give 95 percent of workers and their families a tax cut, eliminate income taxes for seniors making under $50,000, bring down the cost of health care for families and businesses; and create millions of new jobs by investing in the renewable energy sources.

* John McCain has been erratic and unsteady since this crisis began - staggering from position to position and trying to change the subject away from the economy by launching false character attacks. ---o0o---

Friday, October 10, 2008

Barack Obama Double Dog Dares John "Queeg" McCain To Say It To His Face Next Week

by Pablo Fanque,
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

In an interview with Charles Gibson yesterday, Senator Obama threw down to Senator John McCain.

"We've been seeing some pretty over-the-top attacks coming out of the McCain campaign over the last several days," Obama told Charlie Gibson, "he wasn't willing to say it to my face. But I guess we've got one last debate. So presumably, if he ends up feeling that he needs to, he will raise it during the debate."

That's just about as close as you can come to throwing down the gauntlet, and calling the "war hero" a gutless pansy.

Barack Obama's situation reminds me of something Adlai Stevenson once said:

"I have been thinking that I would make a proposition to my Republican friends... that if they will stop telling lies about the Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them."

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

One more dull debate, with McCain edging Obama?

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

The two candidates debated last night in Nashville, and predictably clashed on the economy, taxes, the economic bailout, and the wars in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. We heard very little we hadn't heard before.

John McCain needed a bump from this debate to raise his standings and give him a shot in what appears to be an electoral college lock by Obama. He probably will not get that bump. He did however, mostly redeem himself from his earlier debate performance with a relaxed, folksy performance, "my friends." He was short on substance and never seriously went on the attack. Not completely unexpectedly, there were a couple of strange moments: when answering Tom Brokaw's question about who he would appoint Treasury Secretary, he answered "Not you Tom!" and at one point he vaguely gestured toward Barack Obama and called him "that one." McCain did not bring up any of the mud-slinging "character" issues his partner in crime, Sarah Palin has been hammering away at in rallies recently.

For his part, Obama provided more specifics, and consistently linked McCain with George W. Bush. In a dust-up on foreign policy, Obama hammered away at McCain's steadiness. "This is a guy who sang bomb, bomb, bomb Iran, who called for the annihilation of North Korea—that I don't think is an example of speaking softly." Obama, however, once again appeared stiff and detached. The man just doesn't seem to be able to loosen up on stage, and while he is a great orator, his skills in retail politics are lacking. He never quite connects in these debates the way he seems to when he is alone in the spotlight.

If the debate had a winner, it may have been John McCain. While Obama once again appeared Presidential, McCain was able to connect with the audience in a more folksy way, reminiscent of the old John McCain that people loved. Unfortunately for John McCain, the old John McCain rarely makes an appearance these days, ceding stage time to the George Bush-lapdog McCain.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama to McCain: You were wrong! The best video moment of the first Presidential Debate

"You talk about the surge. The war started in 2003, and at the time when the war started, you said it was going to be quick and easy. You said we knew where the weapons of mass destruction were. You were wrong. You said that we were going to be greeted as liberators. You were wrong. You said that there was no history of violence between Shia and Sunni. And you were wrong. " Barack Obama to John McCain, September 26, 2008

"We've spent over $600 billion so far, soon to be $1 trillion. We have lost over 4,000 lives. We have seen 30,000 wounded, and most importantly, from a strategic national security perspective, al-Qaeda is resurgent, stronger now than at any time since 2001. We took our eye off the ball. " Barack Obama to John McCain, September 26, 2008

Was it a tie? Obama and McCain survive to fight another day?

By Pablo Fanque
All This Is That National Affairs Editor

I hoped for more from the first Presidential Debate of the 2008 season. In the end, you'd have to call it a tie/dead heat/stalemate. The very fact it was a tie undoubtedly translates to a loss for McCain, who needed the win.

In this first, "foreign policy" debate it took over 30 minutes for the candidates--admittedly facing a national and world economic crisis--to actually get around to foreign policy issues. And when they did, Senator McCain failed to expose any real weakness in Senator Obama's grasp of foreign policy. McCain, now trailing in the tracking polls, needed a big win tonight. No cigar. McCain never seemed in control of his message; Obama never seemed to waver. McCain almost conceded the change issue to Obama. He never brought it up.

McCain accused Barack Obama of compiling "the most liberal voting record in the United States Senate" and accused him by my count seven times, in various forms, of being naive and clueless. For his part, Obama praised McCain too many times. And he let McCain's jabs stand when he should have counterpunched. He let McCain's comments on his 900 million in earmarks stand, when this was clearly one more case of inside baseball. McCain came off as an arrogant and cranky professor lecturing a clueless student. . .while Obama proved time and again his mastery of the facts of numerous and complex foreign policy issues. The new kid on the block relentlessly rattled off facts and figures on the devastating and costly war in Iraq. He didn't just say the war was wrong: he showed how the war was wrong, by proving we were fighting the wrong war.

Obama scored big points for accusing McCain of being wrong on Iraq, and for fighting the wrong war by ignoring the real issue of the growing presence of al Qaeda in Afghansitan and Pakistan. McCain did not rebut him.

Early in the debate, Obama refused to address an arcane point about the inner -workings of Senate committees because it was "inside baseball." However he left several of McCain's inside comments about earmarks stand, and didn't go after McCain on any of his own spending troubles when McCain tried to take the high road.

On the podium, they both looked fine (even McCain, who can look pretty spooky...he had an expert makeup job). It was mostly a tie, but McCain often came off as snarky, and was generally hunched over his podium in what came off--to me at least--as a hostile, closed off posture, while Obama was open and warm. He often turned and looked over at McCain, who refused to ever look directly at Obama.

Both candidates refused to take advantage of the nation's economic woes, and did not differ on much of substance, and, in fact, agreed that greed and deregulation that brought us to this lamentable state of affairs.

It was close to a stalemate...I'd give McCain a few more points for getting in unanswered jabs, and I'd give Obama points for showing grace an charm under fire. Obama absolutely looked Presidential, and I suspect that, even if you'd score this as a tie, Obama clearly showed he would be every bit--if not more--Presidential than John McCain. Following this debate, the populace now understands that Barack Obama could clearly hold his own with the likes of Putin, Chavez, or any foreign leader. This raises the stakes on the next debate. . .right through the roof!

Joe Biden made the rounds post-debate of numerous talk shows. Sarah Palin was, as is often the case, absent, under wraps, and silent. Their turn comes this upcoming week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Revisionist history: Bill Clinton says Hillary didn't want the Veep job

On The View, Bill Clinton says Hillary Clinton did not want to be Barack Obama's VP. Bill also discusses John McCain's support for diplomatic relations with Vietnam during his second term as president. Clinton claims he supports Obama, but goes onto effusively praise "Crazy" John McCain...


Friday, September 19, 2008

John McCain: "I have oversight over every part of the economy." Nice job, John. You're starting to look like Herbert Hoover.

"Sen. McCain bragged about how as chairman of the Commerce Committee in the Senate, he had oversight of every part of the economy. Well, all I can say to Sen. McCain is, 'Nice job. Nice job,'" said Barack Obama to a rally at a baseball stadium in Las Vegas.

"Where is he getting these lines? The lobbyists running his campaign?"