Monday, November 20, 2017

ATIT Reheated (2008): Pablo Fanque's notorious interview with Sen. John McCain

By Pablo Fanque, National Affairs Editor

In an interview today with All This Is That's national affairs editor, Pablo Fanque, Senator John McCain at first mocked the New York Times recent revelations about a possible relationship he had had with the lobbyist Vicki Iseman.

Fanque: So is there any whiff of truth to the story?

Sen. McCain: Sure, I guess there's a whiff of truth. She is a woman, and a good looking woman. It's more convenient to pin her on me than it would be a male lobbyist. That's for sure. Every person on the hill deals with lobbyists.

Fanque: But the New York Times also alludes to something deeper than a drink with a lobbyist.

Sen. McCain: Sure they do. Have you read the 'paper lately? They allude to a lot of things. And the Times has a stake in getting their boy Obama elected. They shredded Hillary Clinton, and now they're coming after me.

Fanque: But that still doesn't really answer the question.

Sen. McCain: But isn't this interview supposed to be about how I would support the arts after I'm elected?

Fanque: It is, indeed. But this seems a little more important.

Sen. McCain: Than what?! This is a f***ing sideshow you're running here. Let's talk about The Issues.

Fanque: We are. This has become the issue.

Sen. McCain: Look. I've become a threat to the Democrats and to the New York Times. So you drag up a ten-year-old story and start flogging it. It's not relevant to the campaign.

Fanque: So just what WAS your relationship with Ms. Iseman?

Sen. McCain: I think I explained that. Several times this week.

Fanque: But the New York Times and some of your staffers seem to think otherwise.

Sen. McCain: You're talking about Pravda here. A paper that is ashamed of the United States. And some traitor staff members who will be rapidly disposed of. Pardon me for ending that sentence with a preposition.

Fanque: But Senator, you've explained that you did some business with a lobbyist. Now, it seems, you need to explain the accusations that have been lodged against you about having a romantic relationship with Ms.Iseman.

Sen. McCain: Really. OK. I drilled Vicki Iseman. So what? Do I get the same pass you gave Slick Willy? Do I get the same pass you've been giving Obama and Hillary?

Fanque: Pass? I don't recall hearing these sorts of allegations against them?

Sen. McCain: Then you have your head in the sand. Because it's all out there. This interview is over.


Saturday, November 18, 2017

Presidential turkey pardons

By Jack Brummet, Holidays and Holy Days Editor

President Harry S. Truman seems to have been the first President to issue a pardon to a Thanksgiving turkey, in 1947.  All subsequent Presidents have carried on the tradition.

I could not find an image of Jimmy Carter pardoning a turkey, but I did find this:


Friday, November 10, 2017

The Moscow Kalashnikov statue

by Jack Brummet

The Moscow statue of Mikhail Kalashnikov was unveiled a few months ago. Wikipedia:

Even though Kalashnikov felt sorrow at the weapons' uncontrolled distribution, he took pride in his inventions and in their reputation for reliability, emphasizing that his rifle is "a weapon of defense" and "not a weapon for offense".


Thursday, November 09, 2017

The Hammer

by Jack Brummet

There are now thousands of guys out there, waiting for the hammer to fall.